Sterling Silver Cuff bracelet made to order in sizes S, M or L.

Made from 2mm Solid Sterling Silver wire. This Cuff that can be worn daily, and comfortably whilst typing at a computer or wresting your arm on a table.

The Cuff is curved, flattened and raised using a traditional silversmithing planishing hammer. The ends are smoothed and curved, for a soft feel against the wrist. The gap beween the Cuff is ~3cm, and there is flex is the Cuff for ease of putting on and taking off.

Lead time to make from order is placement is 3-5 working days.

Size Guide:

  • S     14.0 - 15.2cm    (fits a child or very petite female wrist)
  • M    15.2 - 16.5cm    (fits a the average female wrist)
  • L     16.5 - 17.8cm     (fits a larger female wrist)

For other sizes, including men's Cuffs, please get in touch as I can make any size to order. I also made thicker and wider Cuffs.

Planished Cuff - 2mm Round - Made to Order

SKU: ESD0095