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If you would like to book a workshop please click on the workshops below to find out more and book a date.


  • If you are making a workshop purchase you will need to pay at checkout as part of the online booking process. 

  • If you have a voucher please see below on how to book.

  • If you want to book as a group (up to three people) you can buy vouchers online but will need to email me to book.

  • If you would like to purchase a workshop session, but aren't ready to book now (or are gifting) please visit to my Workshop Voucher page where you can buy now and book later (vouchers valid for 12-months).

  • If you would rather not purchase online / would like a specific date or time not shown in the workshop calendar / or have questions, please email me. I work hard to accommodate my students and welcome all enquiries.


Once you have chosen your workshop, date and time using the links below, the online booking process will take you through to checkout.

  • Please enter 'manual payment' at checkout (this allows you to make the booking and I will reconcile the booking with your voucher code)

  • Please enter your voucher code in the notes field on the final payment/checkout page so that I can do this.

    (Please note that it's on the final page in the notes field, and not on any other 'voucher' box. If it's not clear, you can still book - just send me a follow up email).

  • Once I've verified your voucher code, I will send you a diary invitation.


Please see my Workshop Booking Policy for terms and conditions, plus full information on: vouchers; validity; how to book; how to re-schedule; cancellation etc.

When you book you will asked to agree to comply with the Workshop Health & Safety Policy and to provide some contact information. This is to ensure we all keep safe and are accountable. 

Health & Safety and Insurance


Please note that by making a purchase of one of my Workshops, you accept the terms and conditions laid out in the Workshop Booking Policy.


Most importantly, you also agree to follow my Workshop Health & Safety Policy  whilst attending attending a workshop. 


All workshops are covered under my Products and Public Liability (PPL) insurance; and undertaken on the proviso that you have read, agreed to and adhere to the Health & Safety Policy. A copy of this Insurance Policy can be provided upon request.​

Failure to adhere to either policy will result in your workshop being terminated without refund. We all want to work safely. Thank you.

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